In Virginia DWI and DUI are terms used for same thing – driving while impaired due to alcohol or other drugs.

Being arrested for DWI is embarrassing, costly, and a criminal offense that carries a penalty of up to 12 months in jail and/or a $2500 fine. Not to mention other serious collateral consequences.

Made to perform acrobatic tests along the side of the road that many people who are sober cannot do, you are handcuffed, placed into the back of a police car; and taken to jail where you sit for as many as 12 or more hours. It is a traumatic, gut wrenching, and costly experience.

In Virginia, there is also an automatic 7 day suspension of your license immediately upon arrest and if you are found guilty you lose your privilege to drive in Virginia for 12 months. It is mandatory. This is true even for those who have no history of DWI or alcohol abuse.

In Virginia, there is a legal presumption that you are driving “drunk” or “impaired” if your blood alcohol content is a .08 or higher, regardless of whether you exhibit physical signs of impairment.

You need an experienced attorney to represent you given the seriousness of a DWI arrest and the potential consequences of jail, fines, costs, insurance increases, employment impact, loss of license, and a permanent criminal record.

Whether you have been falsely accused or have made a mistake, you deserve experienced and aggressive representation. It would be a privilege to represent you and help you get your life back!

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Let’s tackle this problem head on and let you get your life back.

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